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Steele Choice Insurance strives to streamline all of your insurance needs. As an insurance broker, we do not process claims ourselves, but we'd be happy to forward your requests directly to your insurance provider!

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How to File a claim:

  • Health Insurance: Most in-network providers (physician offices and hospitals) will take the initiative to file the claim for you.  If your treatment was performed out-of-network, you may need to seek approval from your insurer before receiving non-emergency treatment.  Please refer to policy for specific coverage benefits.  Click here for a list of customer service numbers for your insurer.    
  • Workplace Benefits:  We are available by phone to help you through the entire claims process. Claims can easily be started online here.   Once logged in, you will be able to complete the necessary claim forms.  Most forms will require your physician's signature.  For disability claims, your employer's signature will also be required.  If your claim included hospital benefits, have the administration office at your hospital fax over your Itemized Hospital Bill. 
  • Disability Insurance: Claims for disability benefits are paid based on the terms and conditions of you disability policy.  Requirements necessary for filing a claim include an employer statement and attending physician's statement.  Some policies may also require verification on income at the time of disability.

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